Social Media can be a huge source for driving more revenues to your business. So, it’s not much a surprise that you see most big companies across the different social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and others.

One of the things that most small business owners have difficulties with is on how to grow followers in the first place. Since your followers directly influence on how wide your word is spread and how they will convert, here are 10 ways on how you can grow followers for your business:

  • Reach the influencers of your industry:

    In case you don’t know who the influencers are, just use Buzzsumo to discover them. The goal is to try to establish a connection with someone who has more followers than you. So, make sure you mention them, share their content, or comment on their blogs. When they notice it, they’ll be more willing to share your content as well.

  • Include share buttons on each blog post:

    Usually, most websites only use the sidebar to place their share buttons. If you try to include them on each blog post you publish, you’ll get more followers.

  • Your content needs to be original and relevant:

    People can read about any subject they want online. So, in order to get your content noticed, you need to think outside-the-box. Don’t be afraid to give your personal opinion.

    Make sure to test different posting frequencies to see what works best for you in terms of shares and followers.

  • Use your email list:

    Most probably, you have an email list. So, you can take this list and email to them from time to time, to encourage your subscribers to follow you on social media.

  • Use links to your social media accounts every time:

    You should make sure to include Either on your About Us or Contact pages, on your email signature, forum signature, and everywhere you can think off, direct links to your social media pages.

  • Be responsive and available:

    It won’t be enough to simply post highly engaging content on your social media pages. You should be available to answer any questions, complaints and comments there as well. By trying to establish connections with your followers they’ll be more likely to like and share your content, and you’ll get more followers in return.

  • Keep finding and following other people:

    Just keep a look at your industry and find the most relevant pages to follow. These should be done on a consistent basis. This will allow you to be followed by others in return as well.

  • Choose the best social media networks:

    It’s virtually impossible to keep engaging your followers and getting new ones if you use too many social media networks. You need to discover which ones work best for your industry and only work on these ones.

  • Make special promotions for your social media only:

    By offering special promotions, discounts or even free offers, you’ll be able to get more likes and more people following you.

    You can even hold a contest where for people to enter, they need to follow you or like your page, for example.

  • Your social media usernames should be consistent:

    The easier way to people to find you is to use the same username for all your social media pages, and this should be the same as the domain name of your website. In case that’s not possible, make sure you use a very similar one. You should also avoid any abbreviations.